If you are looking to pawn your firearm, Shaw’s R & R offers loans for less on new and used handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, tactical rifles, and more. As a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealer in Houston, TX, we can get you the loan you need for your firearm.

If you are a firearm owner that is looking for a loan due to an unexpected circumstance, get a loan for your firearm from Shaw’s R & R to get the cash that you need in a simple, safe, and quick process. Consider Shaw’s R & R your one-stop-shop to sell, buy, and loan your firearm.

We will carefully evaluate your firearm’s current worth and condition in order to determine the loan you’ll receive. We take inventory of each pawned firearm and store them safely and securely at our facility. Along with offering loans for firearms, we also buy and sell firearms as well.

Shaw’s R & R is proud to offer FFL transfers as well. Our customers can have as many loans as they need at any given time and they are renewable! By pawning your firearm to Shaw’s R & R, there are no qualifications, credit checks, or long forms to fill out. Simply bring in your merchandise and we will give you an instant determination of the value.

Most importantly, once we come to an agreement, the loan process is fast, private, and most of all, secure.

Shaw’s R & R is a family owned and operated premier jewelry and pawn store in northwest Houston, TX. Contact us to learn more about the variety of services we offer including premier jewelry and pawn shop services.